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Update: Fort Hunt/Rollins Rd Intersection Improvements

Updated: 3 days ago

VDOT Community Meeting on Fort Hunt/Rollins Road/West Grove Intersection Improvements—July 10, 2024

  • 70+ people participated in the Zoom meeting with VDOT and Fairfax County Department of Transportation (FCDOT)

  • VDOT provided a presentation on their proposed design.  Copies of the briefing are available online at

  • Following the VDOT presentation was a one-hour Q&A session with participants.  During the Q&A people both praised the redesign as well as offered additional suggestions for enhancing safety

  • VDOT and FCDOT conducted and funded the study

  • By law, VDOT must hold community input meetings on redesign plans that will lead to a Public Hearing.  The Public Hearing could be held as early as August 2024. 

  • The estimated budget for the proposed improvements is between $250k and $300k

  • Implementation could take place in the Spring/Summer 2025.   

Comment.  It does not appear to me that the changes proposed by VDOT limit the use of West Grove Blvd to Fort Hunt for any Villamay drivers. 

Additional information:

In 2021, community members first contacted VDOT about the intersection’s frequency of

crashes and inherent dangers for pedestrians and cyclists. Since 2021, VDOT has implemented safety improvements to include adding pavement markings, increasing signage and improving sight lines.

Initially, VDOT identified 32 conflict points that pose safety risks in the intersection. With the

new enhancements, VDOT hopes to reduce that number to just 13.

The intersection improvement plan includes implementing a channelized concrete island at the corner of Rollins and Fort Hunt; installing a pedestrian refuge island within the crosswalk across Fort Hunt Road; and adding two rectangular rapid flashing beacons.

The impact of the proposed design changes are

  • Vehicles on Rollins will no longer be able to take a left onto Fort Hunt or go straight onto Westgrove

  • Drivers on Westgrove will no longer be able to go straight onto Rollins

  • There will no longer be a dedicated left-turn lane from northbound Fort Hunt onto

Rollins. The intent of this change is to prevent vehicles from using that turn lane to pass

other northbound vehicles that have slowed down or stopped for pedestrians in the


Community members can provide comments up to Aug. 7. Comments can be submitted online; via email; via voice mail at 703-965-0318; by postal mail (Minwoo Ha, P.E., VDOT’s Northern Virginia District, 4975 Alliance Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030; or in-person at the Alliance Drive address by making an appointment at 703-259-2924.

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