The Community Association

Restrictive Covenants
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2019-2020 Villamay Community Association Board of Directors

Brendon Weiss, President

Christian Adams, Vice President

Ashley Boswell, Secretary

Anne Charboneau, Treasurer

Lidia Berger, Director

Claiborne Gayden, Director

Kelly Berger, Director

Kip Payne, Director

Kelly Berger, Director


Committee Chairs:

Jason Newman: Chair, Covenants Committee

Lisa Aramony: Chair, Communications Committee 

Steve Markle: Chair, Park Committee 

Patrick Smith: Chair, Security Committee


If you are interested in attending a meeting or serving on the Board, please email Brendon Weiss. Email addresses are provided in the Villamay Directory. If you do not have a directory, please fill out a Contact Us form on this website.


Block Captains:

Block captains serve as informal ambassadors for the neighborhood - welcoming new neighbors, distributing newsletters, answering questions, recruiting volunteers, etc.


Admiral – Kristen Gayden, 7412 Admiral Drive

Belle Vista – Talley Fulghum 1200 Belle Vista Drive

Burtonwood Court – Kerry Carter, 1210 Burtonwood Court

Burtonwood Drive – 7207-7307 – Katie Lowry, 7310 Burtonwood Drive
Burtonwood Drive – 7309-7416 – Brendon Weiss, 1209 Gatewood Drive

Fort Hunt Road and Marine Drive – Chris Blauert, 7403 Fort Hunt Road

Gatewood Court – Marilyn Handy, 7411 Gatewood Court

Gatewood Drive – 1100-1115 – Sara Keese,1114 Gatewood Drive
Gatewood Drive – 1116-1302 – Joan Shannon, 1206 Gatewood Drive
Gatewood Drive - 1303-1321 – Rutha Piper, 1300 Gatewood Drive

Huntley Place – Mary Moseley, 1200 Huntly Place

LaRonde Court – Karen Herndon, 1217 La Ronde Court

Park Terrace Drive – 7102-7205 – Nan Lawson, 7125 Park Terrace Drive
Park Terrace Drive – 7206-7311 – Joan & Dave Baughan, 7206 Park Terrace Drive

Park Terrace Drive – 7400-7508 – Jody Cryer, 7418 Park Terrace Drive

Regent Drive – Heidi Marchant,7215 Regent Drive

Sussex Place – Lynn Frischkorn, 7108 Sussex

Tatum Drive – Dolly Spaulding, 1207 Tatum Drive

Valon Court – Delia Sullivan, 7212 Valon Court

Villamay Boulevard – Christine Duffy, 1204 Villamay Blvd.