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The Community Association

Restrictive Covenants
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2023 - 2024 Villamay Community Association Board of Directors

President: Christopher Goode

Vice President: Margot Dehn

Treasurer: Jen Goode

Secretary: Lydia Lutt

Betsy Grady, Director

Joan Shannon, Director

Jen Nance, Director

Tom McCaffrey, Director


Committee Chairs:

Covenants: Christian Adams

Social: Vacant

Communications: Lisa Aramony

Community Park: Steve Markle

Security: Scott Newman

Civic Affairs/MVCCA: Brendan Weiss

Membership: Vacant

If you are interested in attending a meeting or serving on the Board, please email Brendon Weiss. Email addresses are provided in the Villamay Directory. If you do not have a directory, please fill out a Contact Us form on this website.


Block Captains:

Block captains serve as informal ambassadors for the neighborhood - welcoming new neighbors, distributing newsletters, answering questions, recruiting volunteers, etc.


Admiral – Wendy Payne, 7413 Admiral Drive

Belle Vista – Talley Fulghum 1200 Belle Vista Drive

Burtonwood Court – Kerry Carter, 1210 Burtonwood Court

Burtonwood Drive – 7207-7307 – Katie Lowry, 7310 Burtonwood Drive
Burtonwood Drive – 7309-7416 – Brendon Weiss, 1209 Gatewood Drive

Fort Hunt Road and Marine Drive – Chris Blauert, 7403 Fort Hunt Road

Gatewood Court – 

Gatewood Drive – 1100-1115 – Sara Keese,1114 Gatewood Drive
Gatewood Drive – 1116-1302 – Joan Shannon, 1206 Gatewood Drive
Gatewood Drive - 1303-1321 – Rutha Piper, 1300 Gatewood Drive

Huntley Place – Mary Moseley, 1200 Huntly Place

LaRonde Court – Karen Herndon, 1217 La Ronde Court

Park Terrace Drive – 7102-7205 – Nan Lawson, 7125 Park Terrace Drive
Park Terrace Drive – 7206-7311 – Joan & Dave Baughan, 7206 Park Terrace Drive

Park Terrace Drive – 7400-7508 – Jody Cryer, 7418 Park Terrace Drive

Regent Drive – Lisa Ryan, 7216 Regent Drive

Sussex Place – Lynn Frischkorn, 7108 Sussex

Tatum Drive – Dolly Spaulding, 1207 Tatum Drive

Valon Court – Delia Sullivan, 7212 Valon Court

Villamay Boulevard – Christine Duffy, 1204 Villamay Blvd.


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