2019-2020 Villamay Community Association Board of Directors

Brendon Weiss, President

Christian Adams, Vice President

Ashley Boswell, Secretary

Anne Charboneau, Treasurer

Lidia Berger, Director

Claiborne Gayden, Director

Kelly Berger, Director

Kip Payne, Director

Kelly Berger, Director


Committee Chairs:

Jason Newman: Chair, Covenants Committee

Lisa Aramony: Chair, Communications Committee (since 2009)

Steve Markle: Chair, Park Committee (since 2000)

Patrick Smith: Chair, Security Committee

If you are interested in attending a meeting or serving on the Board, please email Brendon Weiss. Email addresses are provided in the Villamay Directory. If you do not have a directory, please fill out a Contact Us form on this website.


Restrictive Covenants
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