2018-19 Villamay Community Association Board of Directors

President - Ken Siegfried

Vice President - Christian Adams

Treasurer - Brendon Weiss

Secretary - Suzy Fitzpatrick

Director - Lidia Berger

Director - Betsy Grady-Carey

Director - Claiborne Gayden

Director - Sydney Young

Immediate Past President - John Stufflebeem

The Board of Directors of the Villamay Community Association meet on the first Tuesday of every month. If you are interested in attending a meeting or serving on the Board, please email Ken Siegfried.
Committee Chairs:

Restrictive Covenants - David Baughan

Communications - Lisa Aramony

Community Park - Steve Markle

Representative to Mt. Vernon Civic Community Association - Joan Baughan

Welcoming Committee - Susan Blauert



Restrictive Covenants
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