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Update on Richmond Hwy Cooridor Improvement Project

VDOT issued a Project Update and Activity Report on June 3rd. 

VDOT is managing the project that will improve approximately three miles of Richmond Highway from Jeff Todd Way to Napper Road in Fairfax County.  The proposed plan will

·      widen the road from four to six lanes

·      provide separate cycle tracks and ADA accessible sidewalks on both sides of the road

·      reserve the median width necessary to accommodate Fairfax County's future Bus Rapid Transit plans for dedicated bus-only lanes

Recently, the property acquisitions along the existing road needed to support widening was completed for the project’s Phase One and Phase Two.  The Phase One portion of the project will span from Jeff Todd Way (adjacent to Woodlawn) to Frye Road (near the Gerry Hyland Fairfax government center).  Phase Two will cover from Frye Road to Sherwood Hall Lane. 

VDOT plans for project construction to start in 2026 and will last for seven years—until 2033.

This update was provided by Jeff Winbourne, Villamay Community Association Public Works Committee Member.

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